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The Utility of Negative Emotion

I think there is a great utility in feeling negative emotions. For myself personally, and I think this is true for a lot of people, and definitely most addicts, we have a tendency to want to numb out or not feel our negative emotions. We’ve gotten to the point in society where persistent negative emotions..

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The Gift of Desperation

The Gift of Desperation If I had to select a single thing in my life that I’m the most grateful for, I would definitely chose my battle with mental illness and addiction. I think for the most part people have a proclivity to overlook the positive attributes of their struggles and instead, indulge superfluously in..

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“Coming Out” As Mentally Ill

“Coming out” as Mentally Ill People possess an innate proclivity to want to be a member of their in-group, and deviation that would further ostracize them from the domain which is considered the norm is a leap that requires immense courage. Courage is not behaving in the absence of fear; courage is behaving in spite..

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Author Q&A

Q: What really drove you to publish this book now? A: I decided to publish this book because I feel as though there is still a fair bit of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the topic of mental illness. It’s not often that such a young person (I’m only 21) has such a troubled and harrowing..

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