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Amends and Self-Forgiveness

I didn’t make amends because I was seeking forgiveness from the people I wronged, I made amends because I’m seeking the capacity to be able to forgive myself for what I’ve done. I’ve previously talked about the difference between guilt and shame in my blog postings. Often times, guilt is completely warranted, and in my..

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I’ve learned a lot on my journey through mental health and addiction, and one of the more invaluable lessons is that of perspective. My brain’s proclivity is to think that my perspective is not just the only perspective, but the right perspective. And the unification of perception with fact can be harmful in the least,..

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Pride is a deadly sin for a reason. Pride almost killed me and it still continues to almost kill me when I allow it back into my life. Pride is the antithesis of listening and learning, and therefore it is one of the biggest enemies of improvement and development. The thing about pride is it..

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Before I decided to get clean and sober I was addicted to lying. Everything was at the very least an exaggeration or embellishment of the truth. I didn’t really regard it as a problem until the last few months because I felt that most of it was harmless. But I’ve come to learn that for..

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Unconditional Love

I’m not a big fan of the term unconditional love because I feel as though that love that would have conditions is not genuine love. I think that people often erroneously conflate love with other emotions, because genuine love for someone exists regardless of any conditions or parameters. In my estimation, love involves the removal..

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